There are 4 categories of Frequently Asked Questions:


What is is a simple but effective web-based time recording system. The web site allows employers to create employee accounts and track work hours for hourly employees or by project. BACK TO TOP

How does work?
The web site does four basic things:

  1. Records hourly time to help employers prepare payroll.
  2. Records project time to help prepare for billing or job costing.
  3. Records employee expenses.
  4. Provides templates and storage for HR documents to track employees.

Employees log into and either punch-in in real time or may optionally enter time using various forms. Short training videos show employees how to record their time while supervisors and administrators configure rules to govern employee access. BACK TO TOP

How does help me prepare for payroll or billing? has records for each employee's work time. When you're ready to run payroll or bill customers, all your time data is already pre-calculated and ready to go. All you need to do is log in and look at the totals. You set the payroll or billing period and displays the total hours for each employee or project during that period. You can use the on-screen information or download the data in one of several formats like ADP Payroll, Quickbooks® or even Excel. BACK TO TOP

Can I get an account representative to help me set up my account?
Yes. is happy to help you set up your account. BACK TO TOP

Does your web site calculate overtime or do rounding?
Yes. can be set up to round up and down clock in/out times and will calculate overtime including California rules. BACK TO TOP

Can I put a login on my home page?
Yes, there is a short script you can copy and email to your web developer from inside your account. BACK TO TOP

Is there a way to send a general message to everyone that would show up when they logon?
There is a memo for each employee. You can customize the memo as required. BACK TO TOP

What happens when an employee forgets to clock in or out? allows employees to request a change to their clock in/out times. Supervisors can approve, deny or modify times based on those requests. BACK TO TOP

Does your web site track departments?
Yes. You can create department codes in for each work record. BACK TO TOP

Not every employee has their own email address. How will this affect the login/setup process?
Employees do not need a unique email address for their login name. assigns them a 5 digit number and 4 digit password. BACK TO TOP

I have a large number of employees and/or projects. Can you help me load those into the web site? can help you upload large number of projects and/or employees into our web site. BACK TO TOP

Do you export to Quickbooks®?
Yes. There is a tutorial inside the account to make sure all settings in both programs are correct. BACK TO TOP

What kinds of reports can I run using this system? has intuitive, easy to use reporting for both hourly and project time. You can separate out specific employees, projects, dates, etc. Our reports are also print-ready, meaning you can click 'print' at any time and can be downloaded to Excel. BACK TO TOP

Can be customized to interface with my current payroll system?
Probably. This would depend on your current system. Please contact us for additional details. BACK TO TOP

Can be customized to look like and be part of my own web site?
Yes. There is a fee for that type of customization. BACK TO TOP

Does work across multiple offices and time zones?

Is a replacement for my current payroll or billing system?
No, but it is a replacement for your wall-mounted punch-clock, paper timesheets and excel worksheets that you previously used to record work time. BACK TO TOP

Will help me train my employees? can help with training. Please contact us for details. BACK TO TOP


Is the cost the same for hourly tracking and project tracking or is there a different amount for each?
Every user can record project time, hourly time or both as your needs require. There is no difference in price. BACK TO TOP

My supervisors and I are included in the employee listing. Do I still have to pay for my supervisors if they aren't clocking in or recording time?
Anyone logging into is considered a user and needs an account. We do provide one free administrator account to all customers. BACK TO TOP

Is there both a monthly and yearly charge?
No, you can choose to pay monthly or annually. There is a discount if you pay annually and there is no long term contract. BACK TO TOP

Will I get to keep my demo account after I pay?
Yes, your demo account becomes your actual account once you activate your account by submitting a payment. There is no need to transfer or re-enter employee data. BACK TO TOP

I want to pay now. Do I need to sign up for a demo account?
Yes. Your demo account is the same as your paid account. You sign up using the same process and may pay immediately if you wish. BACK TO TOP

Is there any contract or may I cancel at any time?
There is no contract and you may cancel service at any time. BACK TO TOP

How does bill?
For your convenience, accepts online payment via most major credit cards. Please contact us if you require other arrangements. Upon credit card payment and to keep your account from expiring accidentally, a subscription is created automatically that will re-bill you at the end of the chosen payment period (monthly or annually). You will be notified by email several days prior to your annual automated billing date. BACK TO TOP

Can I pay by check or money order? accepts checks for annual payments only. Please send a payment for the appropriate number of employee licenses to at the following address:

155 San Pedro Circle
San Jose, CA 95110


I only need your service part of the year. Can I keep my account during those off months and not pay?
Yes. During months when you use the service you pay the regular fees. For months when you do not need our service, you may request your account remain dormant. We charge a dormancy fee of $5 per month to keep your account and store all data. Please contact us if you have more questions about Account Dormancy. BACK TO TOP

Is there a set up fee, cancellation fee or any other hidden fees besides the normal subscription pricing?
No. There are no other fees of any kind. BACK TO TOP

Is the number of licenses needed per year the same as the number of employees who will be using
Yes, each employee has their own account and therefore their own license. BACK TO TOP

Can I get a discount if I refer a business to
Yes! rewards customer referrals with free service. Please contact us for details. BACK TO TOP


Can keep employees from clocking in or out from locations other than work? Do you record the IP address of the punches? can be locked down to one or more static IP addresses to prevent people from clocking in from home or other unauthorized locations. BACK TO TOP

Does your program allow for a biometric log-in by employees to ensure their friends do not clock them in?
Yes. Please contact us for additional details. BACK TO TOP

Can I punch in from a cell phone or other mobile device?
Yes, but for security purposes, this function can also be disabled by the Account Administrator. BACK TO TOP

How secure is data? is backed-up to servers on both coasts several times each day. BACK TO TOP

What types of confidential information does keep?
Our strategy is to minimize any confidential information that must be kept about your company or employees. We do not need to know anything beyond the basic operational questions asked during enrollment. Your credit card information is never stored on our servers and is sent directly to our merchant banker via secure interface at the time of payment. The only mandatory information for an employee account is their name and job title. All other information is optional. BACK TO TOP


How long has your company been around?, Inc. was founded in early 2004. BACK TO TOP

What types of customers use
Thousands of employees clock-in with Our customers include:

  • manufacturers
  • professional offices (doctors, insurance and loan brokers, travel agents, book keepers and tax professionals, title companies, etc. )
  • retail stores (coffee shops, flower shops, etc.)
  • universities and other educational institutions
  • state agencies
  • restaurants
  • software companies, consultants and web developers
  • hotels and spas
  • charities and religious institutions (please contact us for special rates)


Do you have a referral or affiliate program?
Yes. Please contact us for details. BACK TO TOP

I would like investor information. Who do I contact?
Please click here for contact information. BACK TO TOP

I need help with something and I don't see my specific question. What do I do?
Please feel free to contact us anytime. Click here for contact information. BACK TO TOP